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BitiGram facilitates productive interactions among employees, customers, suppliers and partners using small bits and pieces of meaningful business information within a secure internet messaging application.

How do you get your team members to interact, communicate and efficiently achieve a common set of goals and objectives?


When team members interact and internal communication happens, there is a flow of messages containing useful information, among the team members. The exchange of messages helps team members to coordinate, collaborate and accomplish their predefined team objectives.

Is your company fully networked?

Are you deriving substantial benefits from the use of internet messaging technologies across your organization and with customers, suppliers and partners?

Internal communication allows employees to understand the goals of the business, participate actively to devise plans and strategies to achieve those goals, and get appreciated for all their efforts.

Employees who are engaged with their work tend to do their everyday tasks passionately, are motivated and most importantly connect themselves with the vision and the values of the organization to efficiently achieve a common set of goals and objectives.

BitiGram leverages business communication and business information together to enable efficient internal communication and includes:

Internet Messaging

Industry standard secure and performant chat messaging with end to end encryption. Tested and used by millions across the globe including major corporations and governments.

People love messaging. It is simple, quick, interactive and to the point. Also mobile friendly!

Web Forms & Workflow

Build your own library of web forms to capture business critical data at source. Update, delete and present captured data as required without any coding.

Create fully secure forms and iterate as needed to capture all the data you need and where you need it!

Data Agents

Setup Data Agents to query and access business critical data. Data can be pre-loaded or captured from Web Forms.

Include queried data within your message or set aside a link to query to access most recent data.

Chat Bridges

Use Chat Bridges to access other internet messaging applications(like Telegram or WhatsApp) or to access email messages.

Funnel all other company communications through BitiGram.

Chat Bots (Agents)

Programmable Chat Robots to assist with dismenating business information about policies, procedures, guidelines, onboarding, product documentation, frequently asked questions, etc.,

Chat Bots use ML and AI to promote intelligent conversations.

Collaborative Tools

Tools to improve team collaboration and productivity like: Calendars, Group TODOs, Project Planners, Document Editors, White Board, etc.,

Video and Audio conferencing tools with screen sharing features are built-in.

External Services

Gateway services to accomplish one-off processes like: Image processors, PDF extractors, etc.,

Customize & Extend

BitiGram is very flexible and easy to accommodate any custom solutions.

Contact Us to further discuss your specific customization needs.

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